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How to set up canvas/bell tents?

1. Unpack and Unfold the Bell Tent

Keep an eye out for where the tent door is. Arrange the tent entrance so that it is facing the direction that you had envisioned (hopefully with a good view).

2.Peg the Groundsheet Floor by Tent Stakes

Grab the small metal pegs and your hammer.  Start by securing 3 pegs beneath the door into the metal grommets at a 45˚ angle. As you go, pull the bungees over the tent stake (this helps the canvas to cover the zippered groundsheet and keep any rain from seeping in). 

3.Install the Center Pole

Be sure that the pole has rubber or plastic caps on both ends to avoid ripping the canvas or the tent floor.

4.Install the A-frame Door Pole

Do not forget to step outside and place the plastic rain cap on the top of the spike on the outside of the tent.  

6.Stake the Guy Line Ropes

Make sure to zip the bell tent door closed to avoid over tightening the guy lines – thus making it difficult to zip close the door later.

How to Clean up the Canvas Tent?

Mix a 4 part water 1 part vinegar solution to kill mold and/or use a canvas specific cleaning product of your choice. Unroll your tent, peg down the groundsheet and remove all dust, dirt, and particulate with a clean broom or a vacuum with a brush attachment. Hose down the tent.

Need I 'Seasoned' My New Canvas Bell Tents?

DANCHEL OUTDOOR B5 canvas bell tents are made of 100% 330GSM cotton canvas without any PU coating(to make the tent odorless). It is ok to ‘seasoned’ your canvas tent to add the waterproof before using.

At the same time, using the rain fly can increases water resistance too.

Need I Buy the Rain Fly and Footprint Together?


Keep bell tent from getting dirty such as tree sap, bird droppings. A necessary camping accesories for your glamping tents.

Make your bell tent 100% waterproof in rain. You will not worry about the tent leaking anymore. Also can be the emergency camping accessories when sudden turning for the worse in the weather.


Keep the bottom or your yurt tent extra clean and dry during set-up with our durable ground tarp. 

 The footprint also provides extra protection to your bell tent floor – things like sticks, rocks, and other sharpe or rough objects.

How to Take Care Your Canvas Bell Tent?

1. Never pack away wet. This is the number one killer of canvas tents. Let it sit out, dry, then pack her back up into the spacious bag they offer. Make sure to store it in a cool dry place for off seasons. Also, Long gone are the days of trying to fit your tent into a tiny bag, they give you a good size bag. Once you learn to fold it properly, you’ll be folding it right every time with leeway.

2. Cleaning after each using. Canvas cleaner or any canvas cleaner works great on dirt, stains, etc. it won’t harm the fabric and will help prolong your tent. Just water works well too.

3. WATERPROOFING IS NOT FOREVER ON ANY TENT! You have to reapply waterproofing for ANY tent as it begins to wear. This is something you may have to do every 12 to 24 months and consists of buying a waterproof spray and spraying the canvas. 

4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD GROUND TARP. This tent has a nice thick reliable floor but over time, like any tent, if you’re dropping it down on sharp rocks, it’s going to wear out the floor. get yourself a nice, thick tarp to put under it to protect your tent. Make sure the tarp isn’t sticking out when it rains so water doesn’t collect on the tarp and under your tent. Lay it down, nicely keep it under your tent and you should be set.

5. Try to keep it out of the sun if keeping up for prolonged periods of time. Use a rain fly if needed to protect it.

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