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Tents specifications and coatings can be confusing. What are 900D, 3000mmPU, 330GSM or Coating Means? Understanding fabric specifications and terms will help you choose the best tent for your needs.

What is Denier(D)?

Denier (D) is the unit measuring the weight and thickness of the individual threads used in the fabric. Fabric with a higher Denier will be thicker, stronger and more durable than the same fabric with a lower Denier.

Rain fly,210D oxford which is lightweight and waterproof for outdoor camping.

B1Tent &B2 Tent, 300D oxford which is portable and waterproof for outdoor camping/glamping.

Pull out car awning, 420D oxford which is waterproof and ripstop.

What is GSM?

GSM (grams per square meter), refers to the weight in grams of one square meter of raw woven canvas or polycotton canvas. (Also still measured in ounces per square yard as well.) A higher gsm means a higher fabric weight and thickness.

DANCHEL B5 PRO canvas tents are made of 330GSM cotton canvas, which is durable for long time using.

What is a Polyurethane (PU) coating?

It creates a waterproof barrier, has greater breathability than silicone and has a surface which allows the application of tape on tent seams. After opening the package, there may be some pungent smell, which can be dissipated after ventilation

Car awnings, sucstion cups awning, B1 tent and B2 tent have waterproof 2000mm PU coating.
NOTE: To keep the B5 tents breathable and odorless, DANCHEL B5 PRO canvas tents do not any PU coating design.

What is Oxford?

Oxford is a different type of weave which provides better strength and durability than standard plain weaves. Often used for heavier duty fabrics.
Thinner than cotton canvas, but better waterproof,rip-stop, not easy to mold.

What is Silver Coating?

It can improve UV resistance, UPF50+, suitable for hot days camping.

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